Workout day 30


Yesterday we tried to go to spin but spin class was canceled! So, us 4 having husbands who are in the Army, decided to go do one of the obstacle courses on Fort Hood. Let me tell you. If someone could have been filming us…we would have made it onto Funniest Home Videos. We looked crazy trying to do all those obstacles. It was so FUN though!!! Even if we couldn’t climb the rope, or the wall or jump the logs we had a great time trying. That is part of working out that people forget about. The having fun part! We were silly, screaming and running around like kids and we even got some exercise in! 

Now todays workout. We tried a different place just to shake things up a bit. We went to a track at the college. The plan had been to do a partner circuit workout but only 3 of us showed up. We laid out weights at half miles and then there were bleachers at each side. Every quarter mile was a workout. We then ran to each station and did the workout 20 times for 2 miles. 

Station 1-tricep dips(bleachers) 
Station 2-Kettlebell swing
Station 3-Step ups (bleachers)
Station 4-Fly ups with 8 pound dumbbells. 

I also had a mat down that we stopped and did situps on as well. We tried some partner workouts like leg throws and some over unders but it was hard with just the three of us. We still rocked it out and wore ourselves out! 

Next week we are stating a new workout with trying to do spin as much as possible. My 15 year wedding anniversary is in 1 month and we will be in Disney World! I’d love to lose at least 5 pounds between now and then. 

Remember guys workouts can be fun and challenging at the same time! Have a support group is very important too. Make sure you find a handful of people that you can workout with or that you can talk to when you feel like you are getting down about working out. 

Until next time! 

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Workout Day 29



I need to admit something before I type up the workout. I am a horrible, horrible dancer. I have no rhythm and I can’t move all my body parts in different directions at the same time. That being said I still dance and I still try to do the workouts that Jessica puts out all the time. She has a dance out to the song Cruise by Florida-Georgia line and I LOVE it!! It works abs, sides and thighs to the extreme. The problem? I look like an elephant on crack doing it.  Today as we were doing the song Susie filmed me and at first I was upset because I was embarrassed then I thought…why am I embarrassed? Because I’m not perfect? Because my body isn’t perfect? Because I still have weight to lose? Isn’t that the whole point of working out? To get better, to be better, to feel better! So I uploaded the video and now I’ve told all the girls that workout with me that they have NO excuses to do the dances. If I can put it out there for the world to see they can do it outside in a park where only a handful of people see us. Never be worried about how terrible you start out looking. I promise you are doing more then those people who refuse to even try. Who knows! One day you may bust out a move or a workout that looks so awesome someone films you doing it!
NOW the workouts ❤

First Workout

Sun Salutation x3
Cruise-dance with Jessica

Main Workout

Kettlebell workout
Two hand swing x15
1 hand swing x10 each side
1 arm clean and press x10 each side
Windmill x10 each side
Turkish get up x10
KB pushups x10 each side
Goblet squat x15
Goblet thruster x10
Overhead press x20
Surrenders x10
30 second rest
Two hand swing x10
1 hand swing x5 each side
1 arm clean and press x5 each side
Windmill x5 each side
Turkish get up x5
KB pushup x5 each side
Goblet squat x10
Goblet thruster x5
Overhead press x10
Surrenders x5

Last workout

Warrior Pose
Bridge Pose

Today was also a run day! I’m trying to take it easy on my knees so I did two miles running between light post and walking the other times.

Remember. Everyone starts somewhere. Not everyone jumps up from the couch and can do a whole workout, run a whole mile OR can even do a whole dance. It takes time and practice. It takes patience and encouragement from others! Everyone gets there at their own time and pace but the point is when you start…don’t quit. Get there and make yourself awesome!!


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Workout Day 28


Thursdays are always HIIT and run days. Unfortunately my knee is kicking my butt. I tore my ACL in half a few years ago and had surgery to replace it. I really thought it would be perfect by now but my knee has different ideas. I wrapped it today and thought I’d take off and see how it went…2 minutes running and I had to stop. Stupid knee. I did try running from pole to pole and I even had to quit that after a mile. Stupid knee. That all being said this is our workout for today:

First Workout 

Sun salutation x3
Plank ups to Flowers

Main Workout

Using dumbbells
Plank and rotate x20 (10 each side)
Single leg scarecrows x20
Squat and curls x20
30 second jog
Lying chest fly x20
lying overhead reach  x20
Russian twist x20
30 second jog 
Reverse lunge and press x20
Plank and straight arm kick back x20 (10 each side) 
Weighted squat x20
30 second jog

Repeat each exercise again but only 5 times without the run in between

Last Workout

Toe taps
Kick backs
Opp arm and leg planks

If there is ever something I put down that you don’t know what it is just ask. I can post pictures if you don’t know. 

Today was also a run day! We have several 5ks coming up that requires all the running and all the amazing dressing up! 

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Workout Day 27


If you have read through all of these workouts you notice I try to do different ones all the time. I always feel like changing things up keeps the workouts interesting and makes you work harder!

First Workout

Sun Salutations x4
Roxanne burpees

Main Workout

Kettlebell pushups x20(10 each side)
20 jumping jacks
Kettlebell situps x20
20 jumping jacks
Kettlebell pass x20
20 jumping jacks
Kettlebell overhead press x20
20 jumping jacks
Kettlebell deadlifts x20
20 jumping jacks


Last Workout

Twist situps-lay down with legs out straight sit up, grab your left foot with your right hand, extend your left hand and twist to the back.Hold for 5 seconds Bring both hands forward and lay back down. Repeat turning to the right. Repeat 10 times each side

Bicycle knees-lay down with legs out straight. Bring left knee up to your chest and right leg lifts up going out straight. Crunch up having your right elbow meet your left knee. Switch legs without letting your legs drop. Bring your left elbow to your right knee. Repeat 10 times each side

V-sit sit ups-lay down with legs straight out. Sit straight up arms out. Bring your legs up and balance on your butt. Hold for 5 seconds. Straighten legs out and drop to the ground. Lay back down. Repeat 5 times

Today was a run day for us! We did 3.5 miles. We ran 1/2 mile walked 1/2 each time. Its always good to do different runs too! It keeps things fresh and again you won’t get bored.

Don’t forget to stretch

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I think running has to be the easiest and hardest exercise ever invented. All you need is a good pair of shoes. Then you just go! That being said. Breathing while running is hard and you know the whole process of running isn’t any fun. We’ve been running now after our workouts and on other days for about 3 weeks. I honestly thought at this point I could run for 10 hours and not feel tired. No….no….no. I sound like a pig mating when I’m breathing(thanks Susie) I’m exhausted after 2 miles and dogs with legs that are two inches long pass me. All of this and yet I keep doing it? I love the way my body is looking and feeling. I love being able to get into a little better shape every time I take the first step. I read up on running all the time and there is so much technique to it. I just chalk that up to people who want to be marathon runners. For me for someone who just wants to run a 5k in less then 40 mins I think just the getting up and going is what needs to be done. 

Why write about running then? Because I get a lot of messages from people saying they are tired of being fat but don’t have time to workout. They are tired of being out of shape but they can’t find any time to go run. To go out and just start with one mile walking…it takes about 20 mins. I can’t believe no one has 20 minutes in their day. All of the Facebook time, tv times, eating out times, there is 20 minutes there somewhere. This is what is going to help you lose weight. Taking those first 2,000 to 2,500 steps. All of these fad diets, the wraps, the pills none of that is going to work for you. It takes a lot of freaking eating healthy and exercise. Its not easy, its slow and its going to be terrible at times. Its so worth it in the end. 

Get out and go take 2,500 steps. See how you feel after that ❤

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Workout Day 26


We have missed a day because I had to drop my husband off for an exercise yesterday. He’ll be gone for a month booo! But so is the Army life.

First Workout

Sun Salutation x3
Proud Mary(This is my new favorite dance)

Main Workout

Using dumbbells
Push up rows x20
Butt kicks 30 secs
Kick back planks x20
Jumping jacks 30 secs
Surrenders x20
Run 1/4 mile

Weight squat x20
Jump rope 30 secs
V-sit row x20
Mt Climbers 30 secs
Upright rows x20
Run 1/4 mile

Flys x20
squats 30 secs
Leans x20(10 each side)
High Knees 30 secs
1 Legged overhead press x20(each side)

Last workout

Alternate wall sits and planks. 30 seconds each for 5 mins.

Always remember to stretch and drink a ton of water. We worked out in my garage today because it was raining. Its like working out in a sauna in there!!

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Workout Day 25


My goal is to be able to run this 5k we are doing in September in 32 minutes. That means about an 11:00 mile which is good for me since I’ve been doing about 10:30. I just need to now run further then what I’ve been running.
It was raining today so we workout in my garage. That sounds like it could be easy but we all were sweating SO much! No air in there makes things a little more hot.

First Workout
Sun Salutation x3
Proud Mary

Main Workout

Set up a circuit
Jumping Jacks
Jump Rope
Butt Kicks
Moutain Climbers

Each one for a minute.
Repeat each for 45 seconds
Repeat each for 30 seconds
Repeat each for 15 seconds

Remember to go fast fast fast in between. Don’t take forever walking to the next station
In between each circuit take a short jog. It doesn’t need to be further out then 200 feet.

Last Workout

Flutter Kicks
Leg lifts
Cross legs

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